This is the Blog and Development Site of Joe Julian (me). I am unsure of my new title at Samsung CNCT, father of 2, clustered storage expert including GlusterFS and Ceph, and all around cool guy. You're welcome to find me on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or via IRC on www.freenode.net #gluster or on www.oftc.net #ceph where I often hang out and help people.

Since starting with Samsung CNCT in January of 2017 I have been a part of a highly skilled team of engineers designing tools that manage Kubernetes deployment.

I have survived raising a son, and am in the process of seeing if I can survive a daughter, despite having taken the steps to prevent having more children 9 years before she was born. I've very proud of my son, who is a good man with strong character.

I enjoy the outdoors: hiking, biking, boating... pretty much anything, though I don't get as much time to do any of those as I would like.

I hope that my ramblings on this site either entertain or help you.