Helm V2 CRD Management

With the last feature release of Helm V2 just published, and Helm V3 on the horizon, we’re still stuck with managing CRDs. CRD management in helm is, to be nice about it, utterly horrible. The Problem with helm When you have a chart that both installs a CRD and installs a resource that requires that CRD, there’s a race condition where the resource installation can fail because the CRD is not yet recognized as defined by the API server. [Read more...]

Truncating open log files

There are a number of applications that open a log file and just keep writing to it. This is, of course, a problem when you rotate logs as the application just keeps writing to the renamed log instead of opening the new one. [Read more...]

Review: MSI GX70

To anyone not aware, I'm a Fedora user. I've been using Fedora for my desktop machines since my 16MHz 386. There's seldom any severe issues, but occasionally there are. I abandoned Nvidia due to their abysmal support for Linux. [Read more...]