The Cascadia IT Conference is looking for sponsors and proposals for talks, tutorials and panels.

Lets get this thing started! Cascadia IT Conference 2013 is March 15,16. Submit your proposals now. Earlier is better…

– Cascadia IT Conf (@casitconf) November 8, 2012

What I would really like to do, if any hardware folks would like to participate, is to put together a hands-on GlusterFS workshop.

The way I would envision it would be a coffee-shop style area with laptops, chromebooks, thin clients, or even tablets available. Myself, and one or two other people, would be available to offer assistance and tutelage. People would sit down and take a device. Be given a few freshly installed VMs and install and configure their first GlusterFS volume.

Participation from an IaaS provider would be beneficial as well, perhaps my friends at Rackspace or, since they’re right here in town, Amazon might like to help with that?

If you have contacts that might be able to help make this idea happen, please put them in touch with