I’m trying to use openstack for my 2 vm hosts. I think that this will puppetize better than how I’m doing it now. Primarily, I think OpenStack will offer more flexibility when I need to schedule hardware maintenance as it will handle which compute node the vm goes on so puppet won’t end up restarting the VM I just migrated to the other host. Using simple nova cli commands, puppet can inquire as to the states of machines and manage them without being so node dependent.

The main problem I’m having is with the network configuration. I have an ISC DHCP server configuration that has been working quite well to dish out addresses over our entire enterprise. Over time, we have built several features on top of this so we would really like to continue using our existing DHCP service for the public side of our virtual machines.

Map of the network design I would

This doesn’t work, of course, because OpenStack has no idea what address ISC assigned. This prevents it from setting the filters properly so the VM can’t communicate on the network.

For the private side, I couldn’t care less by what method it’s configured. It’s on it’s own bridge, nic, and switch.

Is there a way to do what I want without just stripping the filters out of the libvirt template?