Fixing split-brain with GlusterFS 3.3

'With the addition of automated self-heal in GlusterFS 3.3, a new hidden directory structure was added to each brick: ".glusterfs". This complicates split-brain resolution as you now not only have to remove the "bad" file from the brick, but it''s counterpart in .glusterfs.' [Read more...]

Using Alex Gorbatchev's SyntaxHighlighter with Mezzanine

One tool I use on this site is Alex Gorbatchev's javascript based syntax highlighter. It's a really cool tool that makes it really easy to highlight syntax with very simple <pre> markup. To make it work with Mezzanine was pretty simple. I added the scripts to my footer_scripts.html template, ie. [Read more...]

I'll be attending Red Hat Summit

It was just finalized. I'll be attending Red Hat Summit on June 27th and 28th and sharing my GlusterFS knowledge. If you're there, please come and find me and say Hi. I'll be monitoring Twitter and Google+. [Read more...]

Flawed PCI Compliance testing.

Security Metrics is a company that we use to test for PCI security complience. Occasionally they add new tests to their battery, and they're not always tested very well. Today I received notice that we did not pass due to CSS testing. That testing was a complete and utter failure on their part to write a valid test. [Read more...]

Gluster Community releases next generation of GlusterFS

"The release of GlusterFS 3.3.0 by the Gluster Community marks a major\ \ milestone in Clustered File Storage. GlusterFS is the leading open source solution\ \ for the dramatically increasing volume of unstructured data. It is a software-only,\ \ highly available, scale-out, centrally managed storage pool that can be backed\ \ by any POSIX filesystem that supports extended attributes, such as Ext3/4, XFS,\ \ BTRFS and many more.As an example of Red Hat's goal of building strong, independent,\ \ open source communities, GlusterFS 3.3.0 marks the first release as an \u201C\ upstream\u201D project with its own release schedule. This release addresses many\ \ of the most commonly requested features including proactive self-healing, quorum\ \ enforcement, and granular locking for self-healing, as well as many more bug\ \ fixes and enhancements.Some of the more noteworthy features include:" [Read more...]

Store background music sucks - but not anymore.

I just finished building a cute little pianobar player for our stores at Ed Wyse on equipment that was being retired. With these, no more staticy radio, listening to the same stack of cd's over and over again, or employee's ipods (sorry for the store that had to listen to mine, funny that you didn't notice Pac-Man Fever for two days though). [Read more...]

Broken 32bit apps on GlusterFS

'The Problem Over the last couple days, in #gluster, users have come in complaining that their application can''t open a file, but that if they try accessing the file from the shell as the same user, it works fine. This was reported with apache''s tomcat and mod_fcgid and courier imap.' [Read more...]

GlusterFS and lstat

In a very unscientific test, I was curious about how much of an effect GlusterFS' self-heal check has on lstat. I wrote probably the first C program I've written in 20 years to find out. [Read more...]